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A working group / discussion hosted by Kathrin Günter and Erin Honeycutt

a surplus of ARTFORUM magazines (approximately the last six years’ worth) were donated to Hopscotch recently. In considering the collection of magazines as an archive of images that have been circulated to tell the story of contemporary art history by a renowned publication, it became gradually apparent that one could regard this as a version of Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas that is the state-of-the-art (sic).

The Mnemosyne Atlas is a foundational work in art history that organizes images regardless of linear time, using universal metaphor and symbolism to organize them instead. Aby Warburg’s research into the history of visual images took him necessarily to astrological images; for example, depictions of Saturn as being a wise old man. Astrological images are linked to images in the tarot, as well.

In this way, we hit upon the idea of using ARTFORUM magazines as a tarot deck. On Saturday, November 9th, we invite you to spend the better part of a day exploring these possibilities with your hosts Kathrin Günter and Erin Honeycutt.

The day-long workshop will aim to produce one tarot deck as a group using the ARTFORUM magazines as collage material (along with an accompanying booklet with image references from the magazine.) Once completed the deck will be printed and copied so that everyone in the group can have their own (which we will also send to ARTFORUM.) Depending on the group dynamic, the workshop could continue in one / more sessions.

Participants are asked to

*Bring your own scissors

*Bring your own Tarot deck (if you have one) for reference

*Arrive on time so as to initiate a group process (and to not have to repeat information), although the rest of the day’s schedule is open-ended

There will be coffee, snacks, not to mention the warm feeling of being surrounded by Hopscotch’s reading material for inspiration!

…….Kathrin Günter is an artist investigating celebrity culture and occult phenomena. Based on the infamous Thoth Tarot of Aleister Crowley she created her own deck translating deep-rooted and ancient divinatory elements into an ephemeral and superficial world of Hollywood celebrities.

Erin Honeycutt is a writer who sometimes performs texts. She studied art history in Reykjavik and religion in Amsterdam.